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Tutorial: Shape of you-Ed Sheeran (cover with Super Pads)

Hi guys and this is my first tutorial on my channel. Thanks you Enzo for the intro. my last Vidéo: my channel: ...

Super pads: Something just like this. (Iphone vs Launchpad Pro) What do you prefer?

Hi guys. What do you prefer ? Iphone or Launchpad pro Sorry for the audio You can comment and like. You can follow me on: Instagram: Yhugo_Slave ...

Top 7 Must Have Korean Apps

If you're coming to Korea, download these apps so you can be prepared for your stay. Everything from transportation, talking, to eating, to just getting discounts.

Man In Trouble For Cellphone Jammer On Public Train

A 63 year old financial analyst is facing serious charges, because he used a cellphone jammer on a public train. Such devices are illegal in the US, but he hated ...

ADJ Airstream App | Up Close Tech Talk

Learn how to use your ADJ Airstream app! Plus a few Tips and Tricks. How far can it transmit? find it out now. Download the app here!

Lighting Studio App For Android Review, On The Google Galaxy Nexus

A great app for any fan of off camera lighting. Thanks, Rob.

6 Tips For Mobile Trading - Trading On The Go - ThinkorSwim - eTrade - Best Platform Options Trading

You don't need to be a slave to your computer if you want to trade stocks or options. Though day trading has gained popularity, and sitting in front of a computer ...

Use a Xbox one Controller/Gamepad with Nox or Memu tutorial

This tutorial with help you setup Nox or Memu to work with a gamepad or controller. Links to websites and controller are below. Please like and subscribe for ...

Trap Drum Pads 24 Android & iOS

Trap Drum Pads 24 is the great application for making beats and music on your phone or tablet with your fingers. Our professional samples will make your music ...

iclone app

With this app you can make your own clone slave. ps: give him some intelligence.

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